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We specialize in Korean beauty and medical care products. Giving you easy access to quality Korean products. These are the same products that you can buy from the Korean online store, but cheaper! When you become a member.


We offer our products exclusively to our members. The company is established by its members, which makes every member an owner.


Earn as much as 51% of profit if you are a member.

trusted partners

Our partnership with top Korean companies ensures our customers and members quality Korean products.


Our partners have a long and credible experience in research and development of different beauty and dental care products. 


Manufacturing all products in Korea and shipped directly to the Philippines gives you, our members, the quality of products you get as advertised.


Certified by local and international governing bodies. Your transactions are all validated and legal, under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our products are FDA and USDA approved which are safe to use.

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PLANCAREPH Grand Launching


To enhance oral health and smiles by designing and delivering exceptional dental products that empower individuals to achieve lasting well-being. To provide an accessible means for every Filipino to earn extra income from using our products.


To be the leading oral care rewards company with cutting-edge solutions that prioritize health, financial gain, and sustainability for every Filipino.


Excellence. Innovation.
Integrity. Patient-Centric.
Collaboration. Sustainability. Empowerment.

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