Launched and Ready to Go!

Plan Care ph offers earning and oral health care for Filipino’s.

With a swift turn of events Plan Care Ph had their first ever soft launch at CIA (Cebu International Academy) at Sitio Dap-dap, Lapu-Lapu City Cebu. Last March 15, 2024. The activity is said to have launched the new business platform, also uncovering Plan Care Ph’s products, mainly Oral Care Kits specially made in Korea.

This Korean Company is offering for such wonderful tooth care products or Oral Care in general as it not only focuses on the teeth but also with the other parts of the mouth, such as gums, cheeks and tongue. These products doesn’t only make the teeth and gums healthier, whiter, cleaner and brighter, but it also offers a huge earning platform for every Filipino user.

Plan Care Ph significantly started off as a company who wishes to introduce to Filipinos how great Korean products are, but they did not stop there, The Company itself made a huge decision by sharing the company’s income to the citizens who wishes use Plan Care products. With an average reward or selling commission of worth 30% from the Plan Care Kit’s actual price. And the best part is, there is no price increase placed on the products. The Products usually costs at around the same price as the Korean market, but in the Philippines it is much cheaper.

Plan Care Products are mainly composed of Oral Care Products such as Toothbrushes, Toothpastes and Tongue Cleaners. The Toothpaste comes in 2 different uses and bases. The Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste for making the teeth whiter and cleaner, and the Anti-Dots Toothpaste which focuses on the health of the gums and cheeks, preventing gum bleeding while brushing. The Toothbrush also comes in 2 styles, the usual toothbrush style which is the Spa Care Toothbrush, which specializes in its soft bristles brush, which safe to be used by Filipino’s of every age range. They also offer a new style of toothbrush, the End-Tuff Toothbrush made specifically for reaching the molars and the teeny tiny spaces in our teeth, this is also specialized for people with braces making it more conducive for their use.

And finally, the double silicone Plan Care Tongue cleaner which is made specifically for scraping out the dirt on the tongue where bacteria usually resides, making the mouth produce bad breath. With this special products, Plan care is now ready to push through in making the lives of every Filipino citizen better, through earning by brushing and taking care of their Oral Health. It is indeed a company for the members, by the members.

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