Frequently Asked Questions

The Membership Rewards Program is the main way for our community members to earn points (which can be converted to cash) via referrals and sales of our products.

Two steps are required to be eligible for the Rewards Program. First, the reference code of an existing member, and second, the purchase of a PlanCareph package (set).

Each member of PlanCareph has a reference code. You need to ask a member for his or her code to be able to purchase a package. After purchasing the package and entering the reference code, you will also be given your own reference code, making you a member of the program.

You cannot purchase a package without a member’s reference code. This is a measure to protect our members’ interests, making sure that our members always benefit from our community.

Points are earned each time your reference code is used by a new member. Points can also be earned every time you purchase one of our products.

Your points are automatically accumulated and can be checked on your account in real time. The accumulated points can be converted to cash via the withdrawal function in your account. In order to receive cash payment, otp must be activated.

Of course. Items you need can be purchased individually. But it has a different membership point accrual rate.

You can own multiple accounts.

Our ecosystem is like a circle, not a subsection. If you want to purchase another package, just use any of the referral codes of the members you have referred or your own referral code. You will be given a new reference code / account after the purchase.

All members will be given a reference code. Give your friend your reference code and have him / her use it to join our Rewards Program.

You can modify it in your account management menu.

Of course. You can always leave if you don’t want to. We are not obligated to return our membership points you received. However, you cannot receive additional points.

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